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Hi! I don't know why you come across this website, but anyway thank you for visiting it. This website is just another way to promote myself and my works. It's divided in 6 sections (About me, Skills, Experience, Education, Portfolio, Contacts). I won't annoy you explaining the meaning of these six sections, since they seem pretty obvious, but instead I'd like to invite you to visit them. Have a good navigation and thank you for coming!!!


Hello, I am Alberto Tosi Brandi..

Web developer based in Dublin, Ireland.

I am .NET/BI Developer based in Dublin
I grew up in Rimini, an Italian city near to the Adriadic Sea, where I spent most of my life.
Develop is not only my profession, but it's also my hobby and that's the main reason why when I was 19 I decided to move to Bologna, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, to study computer science.
After spending 4 years in Bologna and have been graduated I decided to have an experience abroad. Travelling is another of my hobbies that's why when I had the opportunity to live in USA I said yes why not.
Definitely it was a great experience and this for sure helped me to grow up under different points of view.
As many of you probably know in the last years the economy in Italy has gone down and for that reason most of the people decided to move abroad looking for a better situation.
I can definitely say that I'm one of them and that's is the reason why I'm working and living in Dublin.
Please feel free to download my CV if you want to have more information about my professional career.

Alberto Tosi Brandi's CV

“Part of the inhumanity of the computer is that, once it is competently programmed and working smoothly, it is completely honest.” Isaac Asimov

My Skills

Backend Developer

Exp 4 years

Frontend Developer

Exp 4 years

Database Designer

Exp 4 years

Programming Skills

I develop since 2004 and during these years I had the chance to learn and use different languages and technologies.
I'm currently employed as .Net developer, but I started my career using Java. This is the main reason why in my spare time I am developing Android applications.
On the right bar chart there is a summary of my programming skills, but in case you would like more information please check my CV and do not hesitate to contact me.

Alberto Tosi Brandi's CV

90% Complete
90% Complete
75% Complete
75% Complete
75% Complete
80% Complete


.NET Software Developer

Research and Markets, Dublin, Ireland
May 2015 - To Present

Employed as .NET Developer at Research and Markets, an e-commerce company known as the world’s largest market research store.
I'm mainly involved in the development and maintenance of the back office system, but I also designed and developed the data warehouse and data mining systems.
The main tasks covered are the following:

  • Define quarterly priorities with business owner
  • Organize tasks in sprints
  • Design, Develop and Test the software
  • Prioritize triage tickets
  • Retrospective and IT meetings

.NET Software Developer

ORBIS MES, Dublin, Ireland
April 2013 - May 2015

Employed as .NET software developer at Orbis MES, a company focus on software of MES Solutions in the Food and Beverage industries.
I'm working for ORBIS MES since April 2013 and I've successfully accomplished several projects respecting the deadlines committed by the clients.
I’ve been working in development and designing of software for some of the global leading companies in the food and beverage industry such as Diageo and Glanbia.
The main tasks covered are the following:

  • Define the FDS(First Design Specification) with client
  • Create mock-up templates of the software
  • Organize tasks in sprints
  • Weekly meetings with client
  • Define the SLA(Service Level Agreement) with client
  • Maintain and extend the software

QA Tester

Keywords International Ltd., Dublin, Ireland
July 2012 - March 2013

During this experience I had the chance to learn the most common techniques to test a software, such as organize test case, fill up the check-list, log bugs into the db, make sure bugs have been fixed regressing the current open bugs and in case are repro send back re-opening the ticket and assigning them to the developer.
Most of the daily tasks to cover were the following:

  • Identify, isolate, and document bugs clearly and concisely in a bug database(Dev Track, JIRA, etc.)
  • Run test suites, verify fixes, spot grammar and language mistakes in your language
  • Verify that bugs have been fixed and implemented correctly

Alberto Tosi Brandi's CV


Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

Sep 2004 - Mar 2009
Universitá degli studi di Bologna, Italy


As you probably already known one of my hobbies is programming. In this area I've listed some of my apps developed during my spare time. I'll try to keep this section up-to-date as much as possible, this it depends on how much busy I am.
Please feel free to download and play with my apps.

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